Lip Rejuvenation / Lip Flip

 If you’ve ever dreamt of fuller, more shapely lips without the commitment of fillers, a lip flip could be the answer you’ve been waiting for. The Lip Flip is a cosmetic treatment that delicately reshapes the upper lip, creating a plumper appearance by subtly adjusting its curvature. It’s not about making a drastic change but rather refining your unique features. Say goodbye to the notion that fuller lips require injections; with the proper technique, the Lip Flip is your passport to a natural, pouty perfection.

What Is a Lip Flip?

A lip flip is a cosmetic treatment that makes your lips look fuller without adding any volume. Normally lip injections rely on dermal fillers, but by using a botulinum toxin, at Self CenteRx we stabilize the placement of your upper lip in order to reduce the appearance of a gummy smile and allow your upper lip to remain full even while smiling or talking. 

*Lip flips are $150, not priced the same as other botulinum injections.

What is Lip Rejuvenation?

For those looking for a more substantial lip rejuvenation, we offer lip rejuvenation procedures. These lip rejuvenation procedures consist of a consultation regarding patient’s goals and utilizing the appropriate techniques to accomplish volume, projection and/or more symmetry. We offer Juvedern and Restylane products, which encompass the consistency to help you achieve your goals.

Pricing is $400 for half a syringe and $800 for a full syringe. 

Who Is a Candidate for a Lip Flip?

The ideal candidate for a lip flip is any individual seeking a subtle enhancement to the appearance of their lips, particularly the upper lip. This procedure is suitable for individuals who desire a natural and subtle change, with the goal of creating a more defined and lifted appearance to the upper lip without significantly altering its size. The lip flip is an excellent option for those who want to achieve a gentle, yet noticeable enhancement without the use of dermal fillers. Ideal candidates are looking to enhance their natural beauty in a non-surgical way. Additionally, those who may have concerns about fuller lips or are looking for a temporary change before committing to dermal fillers may find the lip flip procedure to be a fitting solution. 

Real Patient Testimonials

Overall Service

Alessandra does it all! Facials, lymphatic drainage, spray tans, make up, and more! She is the best in the biz, so lucky to have found her services right here in Southie! I have even going to her for years now and I always feel right at home walking into CLT! Feeling like you need to pamper yourself, go see her!! She’ll make you feel amazing walking out of there.

Body Contouring

I am so grateful for being introduced to the CLT method and the wonderful Andrea and Diana. They have taught me so much and I have experienced an enormous transformation in my body since my first appointment months ago. My family has also noticed a difference and said to me recently “you have never looked better”!!! Forever thankful for my appointments, the changes to my daily routine, and the changes in my mind and body because of CLT! Favorite place ever!!!

Lymphatic Drainage

I have been working with Diana for 2 months now having lymphatic drainage massages and I have never felt better. Her manual technique is amazing and she is so knowledgeable. I have slimmed down quite a bit due to less bloat and overall have more energy. Absolutely will be continuing to see her!

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Who is a Candidate for Lip Rejuvenation?

Our clinic provides a comprehensive range of lip rejuvenation options, including premium Juvederm and Restylane products renowned for their effectiveness. Our tailored lip rejuvenation procedures are tailored for patients seeking to add volume and/or more projection to their lips. We commence with a thorough consultation, wherein we attentively discuss the patient’s aesthetic objectives and preferences. Subsequently, employing a nuanced approach, we employ advanced techniques to achieve optimal results, whether it involves enhancing volume, refining projection, or harmonizing symmetry, ensuring each individual achieves their desired outcome with precision and care.

Lip Rejuvenation/ Lip Flip Results

There is no downtime associated with a lip flip procedure. After you have had your injections, you are free to resume your day as normal. You will be asked to refrain from using a straw for the first 24 hours to prevent any product migration. You will begin to see results after about 2-3 days, but final and optimal results will become noticeable at around one week after your lip flip injections A lip flip lasts for around 3 months and can be repeated when the results wear off. Maintenance appointments can be scheduled as needed.

After lip rejuvenation accomplished with dermal fillers, you should expect some swelling and/or minor bruising. We pride ourselves on accomplishing your goals with minimal bruising, but also provide after care products to help minimize any discomfort and/or bruising after your procedure. You should expect your results to continue to improve until about the second week when you will see your final outcome.

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