Vitamin Shot Bar

At Self CenteRx, we offer vitamin shots to deliver essential nutrients directly to the body within seconds. Unlike at a real bar, our shots will leave you feeling energized, rejuvenated, and recovered from whatever seems to be ailing you.

What Is a Vitamin Shot?

Vitamin shots are a concentrated and potent dose of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are delivered to the body through an injection directly into the bloodstream. A vitamin shot allows for the body to receive, absorb, and benefit from the ingredients much quicker than by ingesting them through your diet and supplements alone.

Who Is a Candidate for a Vitamin Shot?

The ideal candidate for vitamin shots is any individual seeking a quick and direct method of supplementing essential nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, to address specific health concerns or enhance overall well-being. Candidates may include those with vitamin deficiencies, individuals experiencing fatigue, stress, or immune system challenges, and those seeking a convenient and efficient way to boost energy levels, support athletic performance, or aid in the recovery process. Vitamin shots are great for those with busy lifestyles, digestive concerns, or difficulty absorbing nutrients through oral supplements. 

Vitamin Shot Treatment

After a consultation to determine which vitamin shot cocktail will best suit your needs, your skin is cleansed before the vitamin shot is expertly injected into the bloodstream. Think of it like a quicker vaccine that you feel better after receiving. 

Real Patient Testimonials

Overall Service

Alessandra does it all! Facials, lymphatic drainage, spray tans, make up, and more! She is the best in the biz, so lucky to have found her services right here in Southie! I have even going to her for years now and I always feel right at home walking into CLT! Feeling like you need to pamper yourself, go see her!! She’ll make you feel amazing walking out of there.

Body Contouring

I am so grateful for being introduced to the CLT method and the wonderful Andrea and Diana. They have taught me so much and I have experienced an enormous transformation in my body since my first appointment months ago. My family has also noticed a difference and said to me recently “you have never looked better”!!! Forever thankful for my appointments, the changes to my daily routine, and the changes in my mind and body because of CLT! Favorite place ever!!!

Lymphatic Drainage

I have been working with Diana for 2 months now having lymphatic drainage massages and I have never felt better. Her manual technique is amazing and she is so knowledgeable. I have slimmed down quite a bit due to less bloat and overall have more energy. Absolutely will be continuing to see her!

Patient reviews

Vitamin Shot Results

There is no required downtime or recovery period after receiving a vitamin shot. The results of a vitamin shot can vary depending on the specific vitamin cocktail and your unique needs and goals. Potential results may include increased energy levels, improved immune function, enhanced metabolism, and support for overall well-being. For individuals with specific nutrient deficiencies, vitamin shots can help address those shortcomings more rapidly than oral supplements. Some people report a sense of vitality and mental clarity following vitamin shots, while others may experience benefits related to skin health, hair, and nail growth.

Vitamin Shot Bar Menu

B12 Booster…..$30
The natural energy booster shot.

L-Carnitine…. $25
Aids in overall health maintenance and fat burning by stabilizing sugar and managing cravings.

B-Complex…. $30
Vital to maintaining the body’s function, supports a healthy metabolism, and helps you remain energized.

Vitamin C…. $30
Essential in collagen formation and tissue repair. Promotes skin integrity, reduces the severity of cold-like illnesses, and is a natural antioxidant.

Biotin…. $30
Aids in maintaining healthy hair, skin, and nails.

Skinny Shot…. $30
Stimulates fat metabolism, improves liver function, and boosts energy.

Vitamin D….$30
Contributes to healthy bone formation and extends to supporting immunity, fighting certain diseases, promoting a healthy mood, and facilitates weight loss.
Glutathione…. $50
A powerful antioxidant that helps detox the body and improves your overall health. It plays an important role in looking youthful.

COQ10…. $50
Aids in increasing your natural performance, promotes anti-aging, preserves brain structure, slows neurodegeneration, AND burns fat.

Tri-Immune…. $60
This is a blend of the anti-oxidant powerhouses, Vitamin C, Glutathione, and Zinc. It will help boost your immune system and leave you glowing.

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